90 Peterbilt Service Maintenance Manuals and Wiring Diagrams PDF (2024)

Peterbilt 210/220/270/320/325/330/365/387/520/535/536/537/547/567/587 owner’s, operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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  • Peterbilt 387 – Warning Alarms

Peterbilt Service, Owner’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

TitleFile SizeDownload Links
Fuel Filter Maintenance Manuals MX-13 EPA 2017 [PDF]1.2MbDownload
Glider Kit Interface Guide [PDF]611.8kbDownload
PACCAR DX-40 SPEC SHEET [PDF]219.3kbDownload
PACCAR FX-20 SPEC SHEET [PDF]207.7kbDownload
PACCAR MX-13, MX-11 Brochure [PDF]55MbDownload
PACCAR TX-12 Brochure [PDF]1.8MbDownload
PACCAR TX-12 SPEC SHEET [PDF]702.5kbDownload
Peterbilt 210 / 220 Operators Manual [PDF]4MbDownload
Peterbilt 210 / 220 Owner’s Manual [PDF]3.9MbDownload
Peterbilt 220 Body Builder Manual [PDF]7.3MbDownload
Peterbilt 270 Operator’s Manual [PDF]3.1MbDownload
Peterbilt 320 Body Builder Manual 2013 [PDF]5.6MbDownload
Peterbilt 320 Operator’s Manual after 8-07 [PDF]3.2MbDownload
Peterbilt 320 Operator’s Manual [PDF]2.2MbDownload
Peterbilt 325, 337, 330, 348 2017 Operator’s Manual [PDF]3MbDownload
Peterbilt 330 Operator’s Manual [PDF]3.1MbDownload
Peterbilt 365 / 367 / 389 / 567 Heavy Duty Body Builder Manual [PDF]12.1MbDownload
Peterbilt 520 Body Builder Manual 2017 [PDF]5.9MbDownload
Peterbilt 535, 536, 537, 547 User Manual [PDF]7.7MbDownload
Peterbilt 567 Brochure [PDF]1.3MbDownload
Peterbilt 567 Operator’s Manual [PDF]3.8MbDownload
Peterbilt 587 Owner’s Manual [PDF]7.9MbDownload
Peterbilt ComfortClass Operator’s Manual [PDF]3.2MbDownload
Peterbilt Conventional Trucks Operator’s Manual after 1-07 [PDF]4.2MbDownload
Peterbilt Conventional Trucks Operator’s Manual prior to 12-06 [PDF]2MbDownload
Peterbilt Engine Operator’s Manual – Aftertreatment Systems [PDF]1.1MbDownload
Peterbilt Exhaust Regeneration Quick Reference Guide [PDF]1.2MbDownload
Peterbilt Greenhouse Gas Supplement [PDF]371.7kbDownload
Peterbilt Heavy Duty Body Builder Manual [PDF]25.7MbDownload
Peterbilt Medium Duty Body Builder Manual [PDF]9.8MbDownload
Peterbilt Medium Duty Truck Owner’s Manual [PDF]2.6MbDownload
Peterbilt Medium Duty Trucks Operator’s Manual after 1-07 [PDF]1.9MbDownload
Peterbilt MX-11 Spec Sheet [PDF]1.4MbDownload
Peterbilt MX-13 Spec Sheet [PDF]1.5MbDownload
Peterbilt Operator’s Manual Supplement [PDF]112.9kbDownload
Peterbilt Rear Air Suspensions Adjustment PDF manual [PDF]16.8MbDownload
Peterbilt Smart Nav Manual PDF [PDF]4.2MbDownload

Peterbilt PDF manuals are including:

  • Operator’s manuals;
  • Body Builder’s Manuals;
  • Spare Parts Catalogs;
  • Service Manuals;
  • Schematics;
  • Engine Wiring Diagrams;
  • Heater and Air Conditions Wiring Diagrams.

Peterbilt Trucks Electrical Wiring Diagrams & Schematics

TitleFile SizeDownload Links
PETERBILT 387 HVAC wiring diagram [JPEG]473.6kbDownload
PETERBILT 387 wiring diagram [JPEG]414.7kbDownload
Peterbilt Fuse panel door diagram [JPG]204.4kbDownload
Peterbilt Wiring Diagram [JPG]5.3kbDownload
Peterbilt 335 with 3126E Schematics wiring diagram [PDF]102.4kbDownload
Peterbilt 348 Schematics wiring diagram [PDF]143.7kbDownload
Peterbilt 359 Schematics wiring diagram [PDF]284.9kbDownload
Peterbilt 362 Schematics wiring diagram [PDF]566.6kbDownload
Peterbilt 387 Diagnostic – Electrical System Schematic [PDF]1.5MbDownload
Peterbilt 387 Diagnostic – Electrical System [PDF]1.5MbDownload
Peterbilt 387 EWD [PDF]2MbDownload
Peterbilt 387 HARNESS Cummins ENGINE ISX PB387 Schematics Wiring [PDF]133.8kbDownload
Peterbilt 387 Schematics wiring diagram [PDF]259.9kbDownload
Peterbilt ADEM III SCHEMATIC C10 [PDF]96.8kbDownload
Peterbilt ADEM III SCHEMATIC C12 [PDF]96.8kbDownload
Peterbilt ADEM III SCHEMATIC C340 [PDF]96.8kbDownload
Peterbilt Air Suspension Ride Heights [PDF]29.5kbDownload
Peterbilt CAB HARNESS DDEC II wiring diagram [PDF]45.6kbDownload
Peterbilt CAT C10-C12, 3176B, 3406E Engine Schematic [PDF]128.7kbDownload
Peterbilt Cummins CELECT Schematic (1995) – Model 379 Family [PDF]146.4kbDownload
Peterbilt DDEC II Cab Harness Wire Diagrams [PDF]45.6kbDownload
Peterbilt DDEC II Engine Schematics wiring diagram [PDF]63.2kbDownload
Peterbilt Diagram, System, Cummins ISX, Model 379 [PDF]292.1kbDownload
Peterbilt FIELD SERVICE BULLETIN [PDF]166.3kbDownload
Peterbilt HARNESS- ENGINE, CUM ISX PB387 [PDF]133.8kbDownload
Peterbilt Heater,Air Conditioner without PCC – Model 379 Family [PDF]150.4kbDownload
Peterbilt Norton Fan Hub 999012,799012RMA [PDF]1.1MbDownload
Peterbilt Outside Air Temp (OAT) Sensor [PDF]8.8MbDownload
Peterbilt Schematic, Model 379 Family Wiring [PDF]161.8kbDownload
Peterbilt Ultrasleeper Schematic [PDF]101.3kbDownload
Peterbilt-Eaton Fuller Automated Transmissions trmt-0062 Schematic [PDF]537.3kbDownload
Wiring Diagram Peterbilt 379 [JPG]328.6kbDownload

In 1939, Peterbilt was established as a company. Currently, it operates as a division of the American firm PACCAR. Peterbilt has been in business for almost 70 years and, throughout that time, has manufactured a vast quantity of trucks, tractors, and chassis. The company’s name is synonymous with excellence, and its goods are widely acclaimed. Tractors for trucks are built to order and assembled by hand on stock. As their widespread acceptance attests, the hefty pricing doesn’t seem to deter buyers. Since 2008, the business has ceased production of its aging automobile models in favor of newer ones and has focused instead on manufacturing medium-duty trucks, which share many components and assemblies with Kenworth and DAF models.

The Peterbilt 220 cabover truck, comparable to the DAF LF 55 and the Kenworth K260, was the company’s first model. The vehicle has a PACCAR inline V8 engine of 5.9 liters and produces 220 horsepower, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. These trucks can haul anything from 6.5 tons to 14 tons, and they’re often outfitted with a wide range of specialized hardware.

Peterbilt’s series of covered trucks ranges from the 8.8-ton Peterbilt 325 to the Peterbilt 335 delivery truck and the Peterbilt 340 multi-purpose chassis designed to mount specialized machinery. All vehicles run on either 6.7- or 8.3-liter, 200-325-horsepower PACCAR PX-6 or 240-330-horsepower PACCAR PX-8 engines. Vehicles also have a Common Rail propulsion system and a turbocharged air system. In addition, Caterpillar C7 or Cummins ISC engines ranging in power from 190 to 315 horsepower may be mounted on the vehicle at the customer’s discretion. Transmissions may be either fully automated or fully manual. Disc brakes front and rear with the anti-lock braking system. The cabins are fabricated from an aluminum alloy employing composite materials.

Peterbilt 320 cabover chassis are utilized for installing construction or utility equipment and weigh between 13.4 and 42.6 tons. Variations of the vehicle are manufactured with different wheel formulae and between 210 and 350 horsepower.

Peterbilt 366 and 367 are chassis intended for mounting large construction equipment or dump bodies and are built to withstand harsh environments. The vehicle weighs in at a hefty 35 tons. Depending on its intended use, the vehicle may be manufactured in various lengths using various wheel formulations. The Peterbilt 366/367, with its 10×4 wheel configuration, can tow a 73-ton road train. Diesel engines producing anything from 280 to 600 horsepower power these automobiles. Transmissions often have between ten and eighteen ratios. Wheel suspensions of various sorts are available as an option for the machines.

Tractor trucks featuring a sleek aluminum cab include the Peterbilt 384 and 387. Varied uses for it exist. Peterbilt 384 is the most affordable option. They are intentionally designed for urban and intercity use. It has a Cummins engine with 320–485 hp, a 10- to 16-speed transmission, and either a 4-by-2- or 6-by-4-wheel configuration. Both day and night cabs are available. The primary Peterbilt 387 tractor may be had with either a 320- or 600-horsepower Caterpillar or Cummins diesel engine. Transmissions may be either 9 or 18 speeds. The vehicle boasts a huge, comfortable sleeping compartment inside of its spacious, sleek cab. Peterbilt 386 trucks are an economical alternative to the more luxurious 387 models. The bumpers, hoods, and even the sleeping quarters all look different.

90 Peterbilt Service Maintenance Manuals and Wiring Diagrams PDF (1)


Peterbilt 388 and 389 series trucks are the most costly and respected options. These tractors look much like the 387, but their cabs and sleepers are square and outfitted with high-end amenities. The automobile also has a temperature control system powered by 110V batteries. While driving, an automated generator supplies power to keep them charged. The system has a 10-11 hour operational window when parked.

90 Peterbilt Service Maintenance Manuals and Wiring Diagrams PDF (2024)


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