Dollar Tree Return Policy: 10 Things You Need To Know (2024)

Dollar Tree Return Policy: 10 Things You Need To Know (1)

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Shopping at Dollar Tree can help you save money on everyday essentials so you can stay within your budget. Its wide selection of affordable home décor, grocery, personal care, party supply items and more makes it easy to find what you’re shopping for.

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10 Things You Should Know about Dollar Tree’s Return Policy

But before filling up your cart, you should be aware of the store’s limited return policy. Here are 10 things you should know about Dollar Tree’s return policy before shopping, including when exchanges are allowed, how to get help with online order returns and more.

1. You Can’t Get a Refund

If you decide you hate the new candle you bought at Dollar Tree last week or your upcoming picnic gets canceled after you buy your supplies, you won’t be able to get your money back on your purchases. Dollar Tree considers all sales final and doesn’t offer refunds. Its no-refund policy is one way the retailer can keep prices low for its customers.

2. You Can Exchange Items with a Receipt

Although you can’t get your money back for Dollar Tree purchases, the company does accept exchanges. To do an exchange, you’ll need your receipt and any items you wish to exchange, so be sure to hold onto your receipt until you’re sure you’re happy with your purchase.

3. You Have 31 Days To Make an Exchange

If you need to exchange a Dollar Tree product, and you have the receipt, you’ll have 31 days from the date of purchase to bring it back. So, don’t spend too long deliberating about whether you want to return a purchase. After a month, you won’t have any option except to keep it.

4. You Can Exchange for a Different Product

If you change your mind about a Dollar Tree product before using it, you can exchange it in-store. The exchange doesn’t have to be for the same item, only for an item of the same price. Luckily, the majority of products at Dollar Tree cost $1.25, and Dollar Tree PLUS products all cost either $3.00 or $5.00, so finding an equal-priced replacement shouldn’t be too hard.

5. Opened Products Can’t Be Exchanged

You can exchange an unwanted product at Dollar Tree, but only if you haven’t opened it yet. So, if you buy a new body wash and find out you don’t love it after trying it, you’re stuck with it.

6. Online Orders Are Final

Although you’ll usually have to buy items by the case on, many Dollar Tree favorites are available online for store pickup or home delivery. However, just like in-person sales, all purchases made on are final, so you won’t be able to get a refund on your online purchases.

Since you can’t see (or touch or smell) a product before purchasing it online, and you typically have to buy in large quantities, you’ll want to be sure it’s what you really want before ordering. If it arrives and you change your mind, you won’t be able to return it, so you may want to donate or gift it instead.

7. Online Orders Can Only Be Exchanged Under Certain Circ*mstances

If you order something on and there’s a problem with the product, you may be able to exchange it. Dollar Tree says it will correct the problem if online orders arrive damaged or incomplete. You’ll need to call the Customer Order Support Center at 1-877-530-8733 to discuss the problem with a customer service representative who will work with you to determine the best way to resolve the issue.

8. Dollar Tree Might Be Able To Help You Find A Missing Receipt

If you misplaced your receipt, all hope isn’t lost. You can request a duplicate receipt if the purchase was made within the past three months, totaled at least $5.00, and you made it with a credit, debit or EBT card. To request a duplicate receipt, submit a customer help form through the website. It can take up to five business days for Dollar Tree to process the request.

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9. You Can Return or Exchange Recalled Products

The only exception to Dollar Tree’s no-refund policy is for recalled items. If you think an item you purchased at Dollar Tree or has been recalled, you can check Dollar Tree’s website for a list of recalled products or visit Recalled items can be returned or exchanged at any Dollar Tree store. They don’t need to be in the original packaging, and you won’t need a receipt.

10. Prefer a Return Option? Try Dollar Tree’s Sister Store

Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar back in 2015, but to this day, they maintain separate return policies. While Dollar Tree only allows exchanges, its sister store, Family Dollar, lets customers exchange and return products.

Family Dollar customers have 30 days to bring products back with a receipt to receive a refund or make an exchange. Even without a receipt, you can return three items every 30 days for Family Dollar store credit. If you think you might need to return a product, you may want to see if it’s available at Family Dollar so you’ll have more return options.


Shopping at Dollar Tree can be a fun experience, with its wide selection of low-cost items. But if you want to return an item, you might find it’s not so enjoyable. Dollar Tree’s return policy is limited to exchanges of unopened products, except in the cases of recalled products.

To exchange an item, you need to bring it back within 31 days with the receipt and exchange it for a product of the same price. Even online orders aren’t eligible for refunds. If it’s important to you that you can get refunds for unwanted items, consider shopping at Dollar Tree’s sister store, Family Dollar, which does accept returns.

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Dollar Tree Return Policy: 10 Things You Need To Know (2024)


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