Dollar Tree Return Policy Changes: What To Know (2024)

Shopping at Dollar Tree can be a great budget hack. If you know how to clip coupons and find the gems, you can save a lot of money on everyday items. While I used to warn shoppers that the Dollar Tree return policy was almost nonexistent, that's no longer the case as of February 2024.

First mentioned by Dollar Tree employees on Reddit, the Dollar Tree return policy now allows for in-store returns, without a set timeline. This is a big change from their previous "exchange-only" rules. Online purchases are still a no-go for Dollar Tree returns, but hey, we'll take the wins where we can.

If you're debating whether to do your in-store shopping at Dollar Tree vs. Family Dollar, this change is a major plus for Dollar Tree. I say that because the Family Dollar return policy only gives you 30 days to return your items for a refund. And the Dollar General return policy is also time-sensitive, giving you 90 days to make a return. (Dollar General clearance sales can be epic, though.)

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If I make a Dollar Tree return, can I get a refund?

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As of February 2024, Dollar Tree now allows you to return in-store purchases for a refund as long as you have your original receipt. This is a major change for the policy, as Dollar Tree previously only let you exchange items you weren't happy with.

Here's what the official policy says on (emphasis is mine):

"If you are not completely satisfied with merchandise purchased in our stores, please speak with one of our associates. With original receipt, items can be exchanged for another item, or a refund will be issued in the original form of payment. Without the original receipt, items can be exchanged at the current scanned price."

Although the in-store policy got loosened, online purchases are still considered final — meaning no returns or exchanges unless your items arrived damaged or incomplete.

Keep in mind: Gift cards and prepaid money cards can never be returned or exchanged at Dollar Tree.

Can I exchange Dollar Tree products?

You sure can. Just bring your unopened item and your receipt to Dollar Tree and they’ll let you exchange it for something else of equal value.

That means you can buy a $1.25 puzzle, bring it back to the store with a receipt, and walk out with a $1.25 plunger — no additional money exchanged.

KCL TIP: Not all Dollar Tree items are priced the same anymore, now that Dollar Tree raising prices is a thing. So you’ll have to be careful about choosing an exchange item of equal or lesser value.

Is there a time limit for returning items to Dollar Tree?

Surprisingly, there’s no time limit you have to follow for returning in-store purchases to Dollar Tree.

But since they do require a receipt for in-store returns, having a fairly recent return will probably work in your favor here, just in case the employee raises an eyebrow at your refund request.

What condition do items need to be in to be returned to Dollar Tree?

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This is kind of a grey area of the Dollar Tree return policy, since they don't stipulate that items must be unopened or unused to qualify for a return or exchange. To be safe, you’ll want to keep the original packaging so they can scan the product barcode.

You can try to return a slightly used item, but just know that the employee may raise an issue if it looks like you're trying to abuse the policy.

However, if you purchase an item from and it arrives damaged (or is otherwise broken), you can contact their customer service for a resolution.


Can I return anything to Dollar Tree, even if I don’t have a receipt?

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You do need your receipt in order to get a refund at Dollar Tree, but as of February 2024, you no longer need a receipt to request an exchange. The item will ring up at its current price, so you'll need to make an exchange for an equal or lesser value.

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Are there any exceptions to Dollar Tree’s return policy?

Yes, there are a couple of items that you can never return for a refund or exchange, including gift cards and prepaid financial cards. But that's it.

The official policy doesn't mention that seasonal returns are off-limits. But remember, you'll be at the mercy of the item's current selling price at the time you make your return.

Can I return items I bought online to a Dollar Tree store?

This is an area where the Dollar Tree return policy is pretty strict: online purchases are considered final sale, meaning no returns or exchanges.

You can certainly attempt to do an in-store exchange for an item you bought online, but that will be at the discretion of the store manager. Usually, if they don’t sell the item at their store location, they’re not going to let you do an exchange. Some locations may have stricter or more generous policies, though.

That said, if the order arrives incomplete or damaged, you can call 1-877-530-8733 and the customer service team will work with you to make it right.

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Can you exchange holiday items at Dollar Tree?

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There are no restrictions on seasonal or holiday items at the corporate level, but different store locations may have different rules. If you’re exchanging wrapping paper or Valentine’s Day merchandise, you might want to call around to make sure the store you’re visiting doesn’t have restrictions on exchanges for seasonal items.

Dollar Tree vs. Family Dollar Return Policy

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Although Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are owned by the same company, it doesn’t mean the two stores have the same rules like Old Navy and Gap do. If you buy something at Dollar Tree, you’re not gonna be able to return it at Family Dollar.

But if you’re trying to decide where to shop in the first place, Family Dollar’s return policy is a little stricter for in-store returns. You can only return items to Family Dollar for an exchange or refund for up to 30 days after the date of purchase (with a receipt).

And if you shop in-store at Dollar General (not related to Dollar Tree), you’ll get 90 days to return most products.

Can I exchange an item I bought at Dollar Tree with a coupon?

Did you know that Dollar Tree accepts coupons with your haul — both printable and newspaper manufacturer coupons? You can use one manufacturer coupon per item when you shop in-store.

If you decide you don’t want an item you bought with a coupon, Dollar Tree won’t stop you from returning or exchanging it. But just so you know, it’s technically coupon fraud against the manufacturer. We definitely don’t recommend making this a practice.

How do I contact Dollar Tree customer service?

Generally speaking, whatever your local store manager tells you regarding your return or exchange is what you’re going to get (for that store location).

If you’re working with an online order, though, you can call Dollar Tree customer service at 1-877-530-8733.

Dollar Tree Return Policy Changes: What To Know (2024)


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